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Classic High School Sex Ed Videos

Classic High School Sex Ed Videos
SKU: 110
80 min/b&w - This is a collection of the 4 best Sex Ed films from the 1950's. These are the exact same films high school students watched all over the country! Originally produced on 16mm film by McGraw Hill for sex education classes, these films have been professionally transfered to DVD and VHS. On this video you will get the following 4 classic sex ed films: "Human Reproduction" - Released in 1948, this is the original controversial sex ed film! "As Boys Grow" - Used in schools starting in 1957, this film uses a gym coach to talk boys through the details of sex ed. "How Much Affection" - Circa 1958, this films investigates how far teens can go! This is a true classic! "Physical Aspects of Puberty" - From 1958, this film looks at the changes boys and girls go through when reaching puberty. Great graphics! These films were found in a high school's film library and transferred from 16mm film to digital video ... the video and audio quality are excellent.

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